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moderator (or HTML-savvy forumites) assistance, please!


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Recently while trying to edit a post on a thread here I encountered an odd problem: the post came up as usual in the editing page except the latter part of it was not there.

I wonder what caused this.

When I entered the corrections, that latter section (which had not been displayed) was deleted from the original post & I had to retype it as another editing entry.

Recalling theat post to the editing page shows the same problem---the latter section doesn't show up!



(1)Is there a limit to the amount of material/number of characters allowed? (Although I doubt this, since I've posted & edited longer posts previously).


(2)Mid-way through the post there was a hypenated line (like this)


drawn to separate sections.

Could that be the reason that the later section was not shown (& subsequently deleted) ?


(3)Wha' happened/ is happening? :confused:


Any help or comments ?


For Myles or any other moderator or mplayer web-page techs, the post in question is in this thread . It's post #28.


[bTW, I just did a test on this post, so I now know that the #2 possibility above wasn't the problem.]

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Actually it is more "UBB" than "HTML" so that kinda counts me out :(

However, I do believe there is a Limit (somewhere) on characters, and ESPECIALLY Graemlins and Images. I think I have hit that wall before.


But then again, it could be a typical Internet

"WHAT THE ^&*(& WAS THAT..kinda thing ;)


Hopefully someone wiser thtn me can answer.



Lynn G
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