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Hello, I play a Fender Telecaster through a Fender Stage 100 with an Ibanez Tubescreamer as a distortion pedal. I use this set-up because I don't really like the Stage 100's dirty channels. While the tubescreamer is great for crunchy rhythm guitar I now find myself looking for a bit more drive for lead lines and the like. Does any body have any suggestions apart from the obvious option of aquiring another tubescreamer? Thanks for your help
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Tube Screamers are great for:


Lead work, if you're doing bluesy stuff where high scream isn't necessary.


Lead work, if your amp already has a lot of gain, and you need screamy stuff where all you really need is to boost what's there and add a little bit.


But, if you want something with more gain of its own, you'll probably need another pedal, a higher gain thing, like a Boss Metal Zone or whatever they're called.


Oh yeah...a Tele is a great guitar, but not really something one identifies with "chunka chunka". What sort of pickups does it have? If it's a stock Tele, you probably want something with humbuckers. But don't screw up your Tele putting a humbucker in. That's cause for flogging. :D

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Seems to me like you have two main choices. You appreciate the sound of the Tubescreamer, so you need to decide if your new pedal is going to simply give you a little more of what the 'screamer gives you, or something totally different.


Two pedals at once, or one at a time?

If it's the former then a Boss SD1 would be a good choice. Given its similarities to your current pedal it should please you sonically whilst still giving more 'dirt' to your Tele.


If you decide you would like a second distortion with a completely different flavour, then look for an aggressively toned beast, such as a Proco Rat or maybe even a fuzz?


If you give a little more detail as to what you're after then I'm sure you'll have plenty of suggestions flying here. ;) Be sure to let us know what you decide on...Tea.

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If you give a little more detail as to what you're after then I'm sure you'll have plenty of suggestions flying here. Be sure to let us know what you decide on...Tea.


Well Tea, I want to use the tubescreamer as my main distortion, and then use another pedal as a boost and add a little more gain, but without altering the tone that I get from the amp and tubescreamer. I did try using the amps dirty channel but I think it changes the tone somewhat, and as i've said before I'm not that fussed on it.

Is it possable to get the sound I'm after?

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Well I may know a guy in your area parting with an MXR Micro-Amp pretty soon. You could try it and see if it suits? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It definitely gives an extra boost, and it won't really give any more distortion to your sound, just volume. Not sure how it will sound with your amp but we could soon find out.

I'll be in touch to let you give it a try. If it doesn't work out, you know the only answer is another Tubescreamer!(or the SD1)Tea.

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posted 12-21-2003 01:10 PM


You might want to try running a dist pedal (with a tube) in front of the Tube Screamer. Use the T.S to drive the other pedal like a preamp. Solid state amps need some sweetning.

Tell me more, I'm intrigued. Although I've been playing for a few years, I've never really paid much attention to my sound. Most of my knowlage, and pedals, have come from the other guitar player in the band. Will a pedal with a distortion pedal tube in it make my solid state amp sound and play a bit more like a tube amp? If so this may be the answer. I could then use the Tubesreamer to boost the other pedal?
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Originally posted by DIAMOND DUST:

It should make your amp respond better to your touch. A tube being pushed hard will give you a really nice round tone for your solo's. It will take the edge off the highs that Solid state amps usually have way to much of. :thu:

Headlow ,

if I may interrupt- I had a similar question the other day where I wanted to know if any of these distortion pedals I've seen with tubes would help me until I get a tube amp. One example I found was:


Electro Harmonix

"Hot Tubes"




will this help with Headlow and my situations?



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Back in my gigging days I used a Boss EQ pedal for just this purpose. Not only can you raise the overall gain of the signal going into your distortion pedal, you can also add "bite" by selectively boosting and/or cutting specific frequencies. This way you are still able to keep the overall character of your sound but get your guitar to cut through the mix for solos.

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Cheers for all the advice guys, it is much appreciated. However I have bought the mxr micro amp that Teahead told me about, and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. It gives me a bit of boost, while not changing the tone I love from the Tubescreamer. It will do the job until I have enough money for a 'proper' amp.


ps hope you all have a great Christmas!

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