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Fender Bassman problems!!

Xander Christ

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I guess about six or seven moths ago I bought a 1968 Fender Bassman 50-watt amp head used from a guitar shop with a newer (but not new) Fender 2x12 cabinet. I really like the amp's tone and simplicity, but lately there've been problems.


Sometimes in the middle of playing, or even as soon as the tubes are warmed up, the only sound I get from the thing is a low-pitched rumbly sound, kind of like wind on a microphone. It completely drowns out my guitar, and everything I try to fix it isn't working. Any idea what might be wrong?

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Hey, welcome to the Forum, Xander Christ (hmmn, I thought I'd seen that screen-name before) sorry that it's under such bad circumstances- your amp-troubles and all.


I'd suspect bad connections (like at the input jack, or solder joints elsewhere) or past-their-prime filter capacitors (those big ones in the "ash tray" pan under the chassis).


Don't poke around if you aren't familiar enough with high-voltage circuits, and proper safety procedures; those filter-caps can "store" some serious juice, potentially lethal voltages.


The good news there is, if it is a caqp-job your amp's in need of, it's not all that expensive or dificult at all.


You should also post this on the "Feel free to ask Myles" thread, here on this Forum. Myles has been involved in all manner of tube and tube-amp work, including his current gig with Groove Tubes. Truly an expert in the field...

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