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Tubr Primer Update


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Tube primer 3.02-2 uploaded.


This is an update to part two, and has the current test results on the new Mullard that is being recreated and the new Sovtek 12AX7WC that is not out yet, but may be by January or February.


This is in the usual area of my website in the primers area. This is the first update to part II in a few months, and future tube tests will be added in Part II as part I became too large.

Myles S. Rose






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i recall seeing some info on a new el84 tube from eh in a previous tube primer. are those tubes availible yet and if not when will they be availible?


i'm curious to know how they compare to jj el84's in terms of sound and reliability. right now i use jj el84's (#4)and 12ax7's in my crate v 1512. i really like the wasy it sounds with this configuration, but i'd give the eh a shot if they are decent tubes. i'm not so sure about trying the ei's since they are said to have a brighter sound and i like a somewhat dark tone.


so what's the scoop on the eh tubes?

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Originally posted by Passed-Out Presence Under the Tree:

Hey, Myles- if I download, will that ammend or replace the version that I currently have, or will I wind up with two versions of the primer?

it'll only replace it if you save it to the same location with the same file name. if u want to have both versions on hand just make sure that the file name is different. the name sould be different anyway since this is an updated version of it.
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