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bias pot


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Hello Myles,

I have an old Japanese LUXOR amp which takes the

bias from the 330V of the PT through a 100K re-

sistor,a diode and a 26K to ground .I would like to add a bias pot to adjust the bias better when

changing tubes.Adding a 25K lin pot?Reducing the

100K resistor?



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You should copy-'n'-paste this post onto the "Feel free to ask Myles" thread here on this Forum, kirschke.


For what it's worth, I'll recommend a few good books to ya...


...Check out the following excellent books:


* How To Service Your Own Tube Amp, by Tom Mitchell. (Media Concepts, Norwalk, CA) It can be bought with a companion video- highly recommended. Includes some very useful troubleshooting "flow-charts", mods and tweaking, some schematics, and a lot of useful reference info not always found elsewhere.


* Inside Tube Amps, by Dan Torres. (Sparpco, Inc. San Mateo, CA) Loads of deep amp info... more than you'll ever use! *(This one has specific info on bias supply work.)* Includes a step-by-step "build a tube amp from scratch" section that could be a book by itself, and lots of ideas for mods and tweaking. Schematics? The whole damn book is schematics!


* A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps, by Gerald Weber. (Kendrick Books, Pflugerville, TX) Some cool tips and tricks for a variety of tweed and backface favorites, and a lot more. Some sections written by some celebrated amp experts. Lots of schematics.


* The Tube Amp Book, by Aspen Pittman, of Groove Tubes. Has input from our own Myles Rose, among others! Lots of schematics and great info, not to mention drool-inducing pics of... amps! And some guitars, too!


Here's a cluster of links that might prove useful, too:












(Thanks to bluestrat for the links there!)

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