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Happy 60th Dick Wagner


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Originally posted by DARKLAVA:

Anybody remember Mr Wagner?

He had a birthday bash here in michigan dec 5th

Great show still kickin it at 60,great guitar player. :wave:

You kiddin me Darklava Dick Wagner,you talking about the guy who laid down that sweet solo

on Train kep a rolling by Areosmith?Yeh that's the guy.Played and wrote on welcome to my night

mare by Alice Cooper?That's him.Worked with

countless other big stars?Yep!KISS Destroyer

album?yep!I thought that was Ace?nope!Wow great

player.Yep! :wave:

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Didn't he play on Lou Reed's Rock & Roll Animal album along with another guitar player, last name of Hunter?


Man, I STILL love that instrumental intro to "Sweet Jane."


Gotta go root thru my vinyl collection now . . .

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Yeah, I remember those melodic dual guitar parts on Rock'n'roll animal, lou Reed actually sounded cool with Dick Wagner and Steve hunter. The intro to Sweet Jane, and the soaring melancholia of 'Heroin' were just superb. What is Steve Hunter doing these days, a much under-rated player i think?
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