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GUILD archtop guitars !!!


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Hi everybody!


Are there any fans of GUILD archtop-guitars out there?


In my opinion they are the best

-and still underrated!


By the way:


I´m looking for a


GUILD X-160 Rockabilly guitar in " fiesta red ".


Has anybody one to sell or knows someone who might?!


Thanks a lot


Harald, from Germany

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I used to have a Guild X500. I bought it in 1976 brandused. It was a great guitar. The neck was a little narrow for me so I had it refretted and had the frets pulled out over the binding on the neck. Really liked that guitar. One of the ones you wish you never would have sold. Oh well. I hear the new Guild/Benedetto's are real nice too.





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Welcome to the place Guitarhal :wave:


About Guild, haven't really looked at them for a while...but I (Also) love the bluesbird!

I hope that the Fender takeover has been for the good (i was also worried when Ford took over Jaguar :rolleyes: )


Lynn G http://www.teamtatham.com/lynntest/girl156.gif

Lynn G
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Hey guitarhal,


I purchased a Savoy X150 back in February and have been very happy with it. The craftsmanship is flawless. It was built at their new Corona facility (serial number 114). I tried a number of different archtops before deciding on this one. I wanted something that I could play both plugged in and acoustically. The X150 give very good volume by itself. It puts out enough volume to jam with flat top guitars while unplugged. I'm also using DR's Zebra strings which are made with alternating strands of bronze and steel. This allows me to get the best of both worlds, i.e., I can plug it in to get that Wes tone or leave it unplugged and try my hand at some Eddie Lang tunes.



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Since you are in Germany, you might have a look to this one (he did not put a date, but looking at it I think this one is from 1954/1955)


The seller is in Nijmegen which is close to the german border.



gigging favorites at the moment LP Special order 1973 and PRS custom 24
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