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Originally posted by Caevan O'Shite:

Not the ones I'm familiar with, they're fully potted and sealed, I think to the point of being air-tight!

I said too myself, self

if anybody would know, it would be caevan.

You are the myles of the guitar side of things.

Thanks once again. :D

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You cannot remove the covers of EMG pickups. The cover is epoxy potted and it also doubles as a noise shield. The covers are made of carbon fibers. Internally it has a copper threaded band that is attached to the cover to ground the cover to the windings and magnet.
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Now dougsthang' is the guy here to answer that question with undeniable authority; I believe he worked for EMG once. Can't get any better answer than that!


Besides, the outer shell on the EMG's that don't have any exposed polepieces have the benefit of little or no string-contact noises like pops and clinks, and they don't catch your pick or fingernails! Be happy with'em for what they are- good, really good pickups. If you don't like an apple, try an orange!

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