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Guitar parts (Jackson & B.C. Rich bodies, necks) where to find them?

Geo Demon

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Is there and internet site that will sell guitar parts like that? I'm looking for a couple of things. first, a jackson randy rhoads body (painted or un painted). second, a B.C. Rich virgin body(preferably black but not painted is fine). Third a B.C. rich neck with the "beast" headstock( to put on the Virgin ). i know its pretty easy to find a jackson neck but i think b.c. rich parts are harder to find. if any one can help i will appreciate it. thanks....
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Jackson is now a Fender product. Check with them as well as eBay.

B.C. Rich is anyones guess.


Why not buy a blank neck from someone like Stewart McDonald or one of several neck manufacturers. Warmoth & others, & cut the headstock to specs?


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Ed Roman had some parts a while back, if you can stand dealing with his sales people.


GMW guitars does a lot of Jackson/Charvel refinishing and building.

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