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what is Orville?


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Ive heard a lot of talk about Orville, and brought this question up in a post, but i figured it'd be better to make a topic out of it. What is Orville? what kind of quality guitars do they make? and how do they compare to Epiphone?
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Orville is a Japanese Gibson product, currently made in Japan. In essence, it's a Gibson knockoff made by Gibson. Not sure why they feel the need to market this way, what with Epiphone covering the same ground worldwide, but they do.


The name, of course, comes from Orville Gibson. He had a family owned and operated instrument shop before selling his name and patents to investors who started the Gibson Instrument Co. Orville was a consultant for a few years before leaving. He never owned the corporation, though.

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Gibson was already trademarked in Japan by the time "our" Gibson got to that side of the pond. From what I've heard, they're just as good as normal gibson guitars, just made and sold in Japan.


If you don't mind buying gear from Ebay, those guitars sell for WAY cheaper than "Gibson" les pauls.


Also, is the line still in production? I thought it was ceased a while ago.

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