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This makes guitar #13.....


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Yep :)


Me and my family learned about the Orville brand about a year ago, and have also bought a '59 Les Paul reissue about 3 months ago from Japan.


It's really pretty cool. These are real Gibsons and usually go for around $500 for a Standard. They used to end at about $400, but the prices have gone up. If you notice we paid about $865, including the $100 shipping costs. A reissue model like this costs somehere at least 3x as much.I'll do my research again soon.


Update: Gibson 1956 Reissue goldtop on MF, which has a tunomatic bridge costs $2450.

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I periodically check out GuitarGui's website on Fender Japan and Gibson Japan (Orville), and the guitars he has for sale always look very impressive. Yours, too, is pretty "droolworthy." Best of luck with it, and you teach that guitar how we do things here in the states...oh hell, I've never been good at that "USA! USA!" spiel...just have fun with your new guitar.
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Bruce Downs,

You've really got 13 guitars? Serious? I've got alo-o-o-o-t of catching up to do, 12 to be exact. You're all thinking, you've only got ONE guitar?!? So far I do!!
I've ONLY got three going on four (in the next month or so :cool: ).


BUT, I am planning for the next one, that'll be five. :D Going for that Les Paul kinda' growl. :cry:




Oh, yeah. CowbellAllen, CONGRATULATIONS!! :thu: (you bum :rolleyes::D )

Let us know how she plays.

Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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I had a '75? clear maple/mahogany Les Paul Custom once. I don't even miss it. I sure do miss that modified bassman head though...ouch.



Bruce, don't feel bad about only having one guitar. Just make sure it's a guitar that you like, though you will need a backup guitar for gigs in my opinion, and the backup guitar can be a cheapo.


I've only got three guitars right now and don't really want any more. Two of them are frankenstein guitars that I have built from leftovers, and I love them best. I would like to have a tele some day too, but I'd have to get rid of something first. It's just too many mouths to feed when it comes to strings.

Hey you white boy there

Go play that funky music

"ok...what's it pay?"


first smoke, then silence

your very expensive rig

dies so gracefully

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