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stepping on 2 pedals @ once


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i do a solo show and have found it necessary to step on two pedals @ once...one is a distortion box and the other is a FS-5L latching pedal turning my loop on...so, one is part of the efx chain and the other is simply a switch...any suggestions? i'm stumped!

(plus, i cant sit down to play-which would solve the problem)



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Put 'em in a small pedal box & screw on a couple of hinges & screw a slat to the hinges. Step on the slat & it'll hit both pedals at the same time, figuring you've set them to the same height to button.


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Originally posted by revorhythm:

easy solution if you have good foot coordination. pu the pedals side by side, then just step perpendicularly on both pedals at once.

...or alternately you could hop onto both simultaneously. :cool:

I once saw a Weather Report concert wherein bassist Alphonso Johnson spent a considerable amount of time basically walking on his pedals, that is, not setting foot onstage just standing on the various pedals, leaning to balance the settings (as for wah).

It was quite impressive---don't forget that showmanship counts for a lot to most audience members!

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