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Amp buying advice


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Sorry about emailing you direct. I am new to this forum, I followed the link from your website.


I had emailed asking advice about buying an amp to play Fusion and Rock. I have been hunting at EBAY and seen these amps that interested me.


Rivera Fandango or Quiana

Pro Tube Pro Reverb

Groove Tubes Soul-O 75

Gerlitz Revolator

Randall MTS 50 Watt Combo


I know that covers a lot of sonic territory and any one of these amps would probably sound great in the right hands. So what am I really asking for? I just wanted to avail myself to your expertise on Reliability and which ones had the most versitility (great clean sound and a great distortion). I went down to Guitar Trader and played a Pro Reverb and the clean was nice but the dirty channel sounded a little harsh. Unfortunately I could not turn it up. I have not tried the others.


I am not looking to emulate anyone elses tone but I like to listen to Pat Metheny, Erich Johnson, Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth and so on.


Is there anywhere I could listen to almost all of these amps at once?


Thanks in Advance,





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