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I want a big amp. Or something.


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Someone give the money for a 5150 or a JCM900 or something chunky and cliche. PLZ!?


...Okay. Maybe I'd better beg harder.


In all seriousness though, -and totally off this topic- I'm looking at some wireless mic kits, like the AKG SO40 and reciever to spend my money on.


I finally found a band. Its a melodic metal band, kind of along the lines of aussie band "The Butterfly Effect" - which I suppose is a mix of something really heavy, and something really soft and beautiful.


So I'm happy. Now. About that 5 grand...

"Money, Bitchez and Cheese!"




"I never thought about it, and I never stopped to feel -

But I didn't want you telling me just what to think was real.


And as simple as it comes, I only wanted to express-

...But with expression comes regret - and I don't want you hating me."

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