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Any suggestions for speakers/mods on 4x10 fender blues deville?


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Just wondering what people have done to theirs...I want sort of a classic fender sound, but am not sure of the difference between an alnico and ceramic speaker. Mine is stock and is currently a little harsh...Many people have complaints about the stock eminance speakers that these things ship with.....It will mostly be used in the studio as I use a vox and mojave live and am happy there...



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Not many tinkerers around here....


Well, I once read that replacing two of the speakers to Kendricks would enhance the sound, but they are expensive thou. Factory speakers always seem like good way to "cut production costs" or keep 'em down.





are some I found. Nothing really that alters the sound much.


Let us know if you find more...

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I'm a big fan of Weber's 10" Blue Pup speakers. I have them in a homemade 4x10 that stands up to anything.


Still, have you ever given the stock speakers one or two really hard break-in sessions? I don't mean playing at bedroom level for hours; rather, cranking the heck out of the amp and laying into it for three, four, five hours. Many speakers really need this breaking in period to sound their best.

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I have done a couple mods on my Hot Rod Deville 4x10, 1 switchable, 1 adjustable mods to the tone stack that "warm it up" (add bottom and low mids) and installed a 3 position version of Mesa's "fat" switch which adds upper midrange. Another thing that I think helped is using an attenuator; since the amp is cranked up, it compresses a little more, relaxing the icepick effect somewhat - the highs are still there, just a little less harsh.

Hey - another thought; you could try those speaker diffusers, Weber makes 'em, or you could rig something yourself - they are said to have a fairly subtle effect, and of course are removable. What they do is diffuse the high freq's, which decreases the icepick thing.

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Teahead has been deleriously happy with the results he's gotten out of a duet of "Yellow Jackets" in his DeVille. They are plug-in EL84 adapters that convert your dual-6L6, Class A/B, "fixed" bias set-up to dual-EL84, Class-A, cathode-bias operation. No "mods" required, you just plug'em into the power-tube sockets (with a pair of EL84's, of course). Also, he's installed a set of specific different tubes in the two preamp- and one driver- ("phase inverter-") sockets. He'll likely be along here after awhile to further 'splain and provide all the dirty details; I understand he's on a trip somewhere right now, though.


You should also post a question on the excellent "Feel Free to Ask Myles" thread, as Myles (A) KNOWS a LOT about these things, and (B) he probably recommended those tubes to Teahead himself.


If you really want to futz around, you might be able to tweak it a little further with some resister and cap value swapping, just DON'T zap yourself, fry your amp, or void your warranty (if you have one). Also, those PCB traces are easily overheated and otherwise damaged, too. Ask Myles about that stuff, see what he has to say.


Also, check out the following excellent books:


* How To Service Your Own Tube Amp, by Tom Mitchell. (Media Concepts, Norwalk, CA) It can be bought with a companion video- highly recommended. Includes some very useful troubleshooting "flow-charts", mods and tweaking, some schematics, and a lot of useful reference info not always found elsewhere.


* Inside Tube Amps, by Dan Torres. (Sparpco, Inc. San Mateo, CA) Loads of deep amp info... more than you'll ever use! Includes a step-by-step "build a tube amp from scratch" section that could be a book by itself, and lots of ideas for mods and tweaking. Schematics? The whole damn book is schematics!


* A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps, by Gerald Weber. (Kendrick Books, Pflugerville, TX) Some cool tips and tricks for a variety of tweed and backface favorites, and a lot more. Some sections written by some celebrated amp experts. Lots of schematics.


* The Tube Amp Book, by Aspen Pittman, of Groove Tubes. Has input from our own Myles rose, among others! Lots of schematics and great info, not to mention drool-inducing pics of... amps! And some guitars, too!


Here's a few links, courtesy of bluestrat (thanks, blue', I hope you don't mind my cut'n'paste from another thread to save time!) to some good places to check out:






http://www.mouser.com (Parts source)






Also, here's a link to Myles Rose\'s excellent Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting \'site .


Hey, Telecarlos! I was gonna post a link to that same Torres 'page, too! Good recommendation.

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