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traynor ycv20


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i tried the ycv20 wr which has the wine red (leather look) tolex and a greenback. it's very versatile for a small amp becasue of the seperate gain controls per channel. i cranked it up on the lead channel with the gain a little over halfway up and when i kicked in the boost it had endless sustain. i like it better than the 40 and 80 watt traynors. with the clean channel all the way up and the gain at about half way, maybe a lil less, it sounded very rich and full with creamy overdrive. the boost feature is a bit over the top for me on the traynors, 80 and 40 watters included. great lil amp in my book.
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I play a YCV40, and I love it. The only drawback to the amp is that it's a bit loud for my band. I have made it up to volume 5 in a larger club, and that was blowing my head off. You might guess that I am not a shredder...I play in a 5 piece new wave rock band where I share frequencies with another guitar and keys. I have considered getting a YCV20 instead, but I'm a bit afraid of losing headroom.


I can say, though, that the amp sounds great. The gain channel is much more crisp and defined than those on the Fender Hot Rod series. It's sturdy as well. One drawback: it seems to be hard for amp techs to work on.



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