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What do YOU want in an amp?

Caevan O’Shite

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Originally posted by exactopposite:

blackface clean, and a lead channel with infinite sustain at any volume. sustain with feedback like the classic santana sound. the reverb of a deluxe reverb.


i think i'll just have to build it myself.

Go for it, that's what I did. :thu:


a.k.a. "El Guapo" ;)


...Better fuzz through science...



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Caeven James etc.,

As for the built-in digital output... I think that a good (if not better) facsimile of that would be to use a GT (as in "Groove Tubes") Electronics Speaker Emulator II connected in patrallel or series with your speakers, and send its line-out to an A/D converter of some kind with a S/PDIF output. That would probably be pretty good! Certainly better than any speaker modeling; these reactive-load sp. emu's sound great, I've got one of their old original models that I'll never part with. (Myles has some, as well, and I think that's as good an "endorsement" as any!)
With the (admittedly expensive) Randall plug-in modules you wouldn't need this, just lots of money to buy all the ones that you want and you'd have the "real" thing.


Nice to dream, isn't it? :D



Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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