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help i need somebody, help not just anybody ,help i need a real floyd rose, HHEEELLLPPPP!!!


hi my name is erik and i was thinking of changing y tremolo system, i have a liscened floyd but i want to change it to an original floyd plus a "D" drop adapter, but i want to know if an edge por system would fit in that space if somebody knows if an edge pro system would fit tell me how


i would really be thankfull :evil::confused::evil::thu:

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all floyd variants have slightly different designs

some mount slightly closer or further from the bridge. if you are going to a drop d tuna you will need the trem sitting on the body as opposed to routed underneath for pullups. if your floyd is mounted on the body then one problem you could have is a change of height. check out stewart macdonald for tech info. whatever you choose should be close in overall height ( saddles aren't height adjustable) so keep it in mind( they can be shimmed though). you should be able to find lots of info at the stewart macdonald site.

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