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Yamaha AES620 guitar layout


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Hi there,


I am new to electric guitars and just bought

an AES620 yamaha. It didn't come with any

information so I was hoping that someone here

could explain to me which knob does what and

what the 3 positions on the toggle switch

are for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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hi and welcome, congrats on your fine purchase.

on the toggle here are your pickup positions

down=bridge pickup

up =neck


there are two volumes one for neck and one for bridge

one master tone( last knob)

i am guessing the middle knob is your bridge pickup volume and the first knob is the neck.

you should be able to get a good variety of tones by adjusting your volume on the two pickups and going through the three positions. :D

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here is a link to give you some more info. disregard the comment of the guitar being chambered( hollow sound chamber inside body) they are indeed solid bodied guitars made of nato (a mahogany like wood)


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try emailing guitarguru@yamaha.com

in my 2003 yamaha catalogue it says the AES820 and 620 have a 3 way rotary tone knob ( there is a trim pot inside for adjustment) as opposed to a standard tone rolloff pot.

but at the same time under the picture of the AES620 it doesn't mention the 3 way rotary switch on the 620.

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None of the knobs are 3-way that I can tell, but

I still don't understand them very well. I can't

believe that Yamaha doesn't at least give you

a sheet that defines the controls in any way.

Is this the industry standard, or did yamaha just

cut this corner? To make things worse, their

website does not have manuals for these guitars



Has anyone out there definitively figured out

the controls? I hate to develope a false

assumption when in the early stages of learning

a new instrument. Thanks for all your help!

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i have the AES500 and basically the setup is as i mentioned.

the pickup selector




the knobs from bridge to back of guitar are

neck volume, bridge volume, master tone

to verify this put the selector in any position and try touching the string to the pickups pole pieces, whichever pickup makes a clicking sound ( through the amp) when contacted with the string is the "live" pickup. make sure all the volumes are on. now after you determine the pickup selector positions. verify the volumes, put the position selector in the bridge position and try rolling the knobs to see which one turns the volume down. make sure you only turn one down at a time. keep the ones you aren't checking at 10. repeat the procedure for the neck pickup. the middle position will be both pickups with both volumes controlling their respective pickups. note: in the blend(middle) position if one volume is at 0 there will be no sound.


its not just yamaha , there are tons of manufacturers who assume everyone knows the usual guitar volume and tone setups. some manufacturers go a bit further and have info available on their sites. good luck :D

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