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My first real amp!!


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Well I finally purchased my first tube amp. It is a 2002 Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 1x12 Combo. I couldn't be more happy with it. This was after a long deliberation over whether to get a modeller or the real thing. The Modern channel on this thing is exactly what I was after and I can get a great sound at bedroom volumes (even better at louder volumes).


Thanks to all the helpful advice I got on this forum.

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Congrats on a fine choice! As a Boogie owner (I've owned 4 different models) for 15 years, I've never wanted anything else. A friend of mine has a modelling amp and likes to talk about how his amp gets close to the sound of mine. That's just it: his gets close and mine nails it!
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I'm going from a Blues Jr. to the Mesa head in the link above. I've got a couple 1x12 closed-back cabinets I've been wanting to try out!
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It is a 2002 Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 1x12 Combo.


I got my amp (not a Mesa) a year ago and I'm still tweakin' with it. :D I'm sure it will provide years of fun for you.


strat monk,

It's my birthday today, and I celebrated by getting this:
Coool :cool: I wanted to get my Highway 1 out of layaway for my birthday (10/20), but .... maybe Thanksgiving.




You guys are making me jealous. I wish I had money to get a tube amp. Eventually in life, I want to check out a Mark IV, but we'll see. That'll probably 15 years.

I know how you feel. That's the way I felt over a year ago when I couldn't afford a tube amp and everyone here was saying that was what I needed for the sound I wanted. I finally went for a "non-name" amp on ebay. A 1993 Randall Tube Pro II for $350. It's great! The others are probably a little better, but I have this one NOW, not 15 years from now, and I can learn from it. It has everything I need and wanted.



Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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