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What is the best way to clean guitar frets??


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I have a fender 57 reissue strat (american) that has some gunk on the frets. I am going today to get some new strings as the ones I have on it are corroaded! While I have them off, I need to clean them really good so that the strings don't "catch". Can anybody tell me the SAFEST way to do this WITHOUT hurting my fretboard?? I have seen people that work in music stores use a light brillow pad on the frets they were trying to clean. Is this the best and safest way or is there another way??
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Well you didn't say if you've got a maple/lacquer, rosewood or ebony fretboard and that makes a difference. To give them a thorough cleaning, you need to masking tape off your fretboard and get out some super fine steel wool.


I've had good luck just scraping them off with a pick and then using lemon oil to eat through the gunk.

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For real bad gunk on rosewood or ebony, I use Murphy's oil soap. I spray it on, wipe it off. Then I spray it again, real wet, and take my Dremel to it with a polishing pad, then wipe it down.

Wet with lemon oil, then wipe and buff. I'll use a different pad with metal polish on the fretwire.


On my Ric 4003, I just spray and wipe. Heavy duty finish on those puppies.


I use Fast Fret religiously. Seems to create a barrier 'tween the dirt and the surface.



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