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where did my DR's go?


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i went to buy some DR's the other day and the dude at my local store told me since there was no canadian distributor for DR strings the price was hard to keep down. w.t.f.? i didn't have a problem with the price( a bit more so what). so they stopped stocking them. now all i see in the store is the most popular strings as well all the most popular guitars. how hard is it to stock something for those that don't want what everyone else has?


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Just Strings!!!


They handle DR Strings. I use the Rare Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings & Just Strings is a bit pricey. I pay between $6.00 & $7.00 depending on whether I purchase one or two sets. Just Strings run over $10.00 for that string. Your string through them may be closer to what you were paying. Take a look.


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