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The Darkness


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Hey guys there's a new cool band out called the Darkness. I saw their new video and I laughed my ass off. There are three of the band members and they have their guitars cocked like shotguns and they're firing at birds, it's hilarious


They're like Zeppelin and ACDC with some Spinal Tap humor added to top it off. Well i just wanted to tell you guys if anyone is interested, you guys should check it out

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The Darkness have been well exposed on this side of the pond for the last twelve months or so. They just re-released a single lately, "I Believe in a thing called love!" It got to 180 first time, and I think it made 2 or 3 this time around! Spinal Tap is a very accurate description, they are very tongue in cheek, but they can also write a hit song! Live performances are to say the least entertaining! Leotards, spandex and cod pieces anyone?

The next video features the lead singer battling with a giant space creature, in space, finally managing to finish him off with a killer guitar solo!

I wouldn't buy them, but it certainly feels like a breath of fresh air amidst all the MTV2 and Top Ten regular rubbish. I would like to go and see them live though! Tea.

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The album is definitely worth hearing! I saw them at Guildfest having never heard them and they were fantastic, going to see them again in Dec (if Justin's voice still works!!!). They've just got great songs as well as a great sense of humour.


Tho the lyrics to Growing On Me are a bit gross once you realise exactly what they are singing about!!!


The videos you mentioned are all watchable on their web-page: http://www.thedarknessrock.com/


Not that I have the slightest interest in the charts anymore, but I would still love to see them have the Xmas no 1 over whatever meaningless drivel won plop idol or shame academy this year, and who wouldn't want a song titled Christmas Time, Don't Let The Bells End (does that title have the same double-meaning to American ears as it is to us Brits?)get to no. 1!!!! :cool:

Fa Fa FA Fa fa fa fa fa FA fa FA FA
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