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What could be better than a Fender Strat?


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I have only played a couple, casually in the music shops, but they seem to be very well made, finished & assembled. Solid, comfortable feel, nice electronics.


Like to see what others think - I believe they are undervalued currently.





Fender Strat

Hamer Sunburst

Guild D-25

DeArmond Jetstar (Spel!)

Washburn HB-15C

Peavey C-30


blah blah ho hum etc etc

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Yeah, very solid, well-made axes. Their Trem's are very nice, too. If you like a Fender Strat, you'll probably like a G&L Strat-style, maybe even better.


And, they seem to pull off looking "traditional" and kinda vintage-y, without looking "me, too!" or too much like a cheesey ripoff. They look and feel "classic".

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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I like the Strats from the Tribute line. The whammy actually stays in tune, even after moderate dips and pulls, though I'd still take it to a tech, and have the changes I want made that I've pointed out so many times in other posts. :)


Still, they're fine guitars. The Fender Highway Ones don't cost much more, though, so from a price point, the Tributes may not be one's first choice. Still, for a G&L, it may be worth a try.

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I own a 2002 G&L Comanche. Before it I was strictly a strat person you couldn't get me to touch any other guitar. But from the moment I played it wow! This is one fine piece of Leo Fender craftmanship. It has amazing mids and remarkable tremelo. The locking tuning heads are always a plus too. There are a few downsides, however. It is much heavier than your average strat and the neck seems to me a bit more thick. But like anything else it is personal taste. I don't do justice to this guitar when I hook it up to my 15W Crate. But when I'm with the band hooked up into my friends Dad's 60's Fender Reverb amp all hell breaks loose. I have had mixed reviews from my friends that have played it but for the most part they would choose it over the strat. If your not hellbent on buying a Fender I think that checking out a G&L is worth your while. :D

-Jim Matteucci


Yea I'm 16 and I have a lot to learn



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G&L's are pretty terrific.


I have a Blond Legacy which is a very sweet sounding guitar, and along with the features mentioned above, it has separate tone controls for treble and bass content.


My ASAT is so good, such a do-it-all guitar, that I finally sold my Tom Anderson Hollow Classic, which I had thought was the best ever guitar for covering all the bases.


Had a Commanche, regrettably sold it. I may get another, but I do wish the pickups were alnico rather than ceramic. And the bridge pickup, in contrast to the other two, sounds even thinner than the bridge one does to the other two on a stock Strat, at least to my ears. Great-feeling guitars, though, and very versatile.

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