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Expand your love of guitar :-)

Uncle Rex

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Hi everyone,For the last five years I have devoted a bunch of my time to shairing my love of guitar.

I run a charity called Medtar


Medtar donates guitars to hospitalized children with long term Illness through Rush Childrens Hospital, and the Snow City Arts Foundation.

We work with about 5,000 children per year.


Guitar players, Bass players, keyboard players, and more have sent me their old Pre-loved guitars and gear.

I fix them up and get them into the arms of kids going through some rough medical problems.

I hope you will check out my web site and keep me in mind when you run into guitars looking for a kid to love them.

It's tax deductable too :-)

I'm looking forward to meeting many of you here on this web site. I'm preaty good at fixing guitars and have played since 1964.

My web site will answer lots of question.

I'm mostly into Blues and Jazz, but I do have experience in folk and country too.

Nice to meet you all!

Uncle Rex

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Thanks Bic !

As I get more familier about how this web site works I'll become more active :-)

I'm not very good on computer skills,

and this site has lots of new icons I need to learn to use !

Nice to meet you,

Thanks for your support !

Uncle Rex


The nurses at work call me "Uncle Rex"...

because I help them out when their in trouble.

That's how I got the nick name :-)


"Uncle Rex"

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Originally posted by The Tedster From The Black Lagoon:

Hey, is there a place where we could also sign up to be volunteer teachers? We've got Children's Mercy Hospital here in Kansas City. I wonder if there's anything like that here. Hmmmm (sound of gears creaking)...

You just found yourself a worthy calling! ;)


Those heartstrings are being tugged on... :idea:



"Treat your wife with honor, respect, and understanding as you live together so that you can pray effectively as husband and wife." 1 Peter 3:7


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Welocome Rex, I think the responses you have recieved thus far serve to show you how good natured this forum is. Yours is a very worthy cause indeed, and I have no doubt that you will contribute as much to the forum as it will be able to give to you. Again, Good Luck with your work, Tea.


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I hope I'm not goofing up here,

I wanted to reply to each of you but I'm not sure I know how :-(

So if this ends up not under "Guitarzan" I'm sorry and will someone teach me how to do it.


When I started Medtar I worked in surgery and was part of the team that did open heart surgery on Babys.

I saw all these gifted Doctors and Nurses that would go to extraordinary lengths on their own time to learn and help these kids.

I was always asking myself...what can I do for these kids ?

Then the idea for Medtar hit me about how much fun and release the guitar has brought to my life.

Maybe I could give them that :-)

My little guy is now 23 YO and out of the house.

I love to fix, hot rod, and tinker with stuff...specially guitars :-)

When I told my folks about what I wanted to do my Mom and Dad thought it was a natural :-)

I'm not bragging but I like to think that after I get finished fixing these guitars they are some of the finest playing examples of that model you will find anywhere !

I work with the kids from time to time after Snow Citys teachers have taken them as far as they can.

We have kids come in that have never played guitar in their life, and they leave doing Beatle songs :-)

If thats not good enough...they call me in :-)

I don't want to tell you everything in one post so lets see where this ends up on the post list.

You all sound like a great bunch.

Thanks for listening :-)

Uncle Rex

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Originally posted by funk_jazz:

what a great idea rex!


my 8 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia last year, so i know what something like that can mean to a kid.


every time i hear about someone like you i gain a little more faith in humanity.


good luck!!!

Funk...we're with ya, brother. Keep us posted on how the little guy is doing, please. You all are in our prayers...
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Uncle Rex you are very special. Glad you found us and shared your story. You might have heard that Craig Chaquiso (Jeff Starship/smooth jazzer) drops into hospitals and gives away Carvin acousitc guitars to kids that will be there a while. He tells a story of a little boy that was a victum of a hit and run diver. The boy spent weeks in hospital recovering. He passed the time learning to play even though his hands and arms were in casts. Who was that little boy....it was Craig.
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