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Belated Hello


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I've been a frequent visitor, and an infrequent contributor to this forum for some time now, but being a relative novice to the workings of the cyber-world, I have yet to formally introduce myself. So, here goes...


I'm 48, been playing guitar for 35 years here in rural southwest Michigan, I'm self taught (on guitar and elec. bass), and I love just about any kind of music.


Currently, I'm involved with three steady gigs, two on guitar, one on bass. My main gig is a bar band (all covers) that plays one or two weekends a month locally. The rig consists of a 70's Warmoth kit with Schaller humbuckers, coil taps, hardtail bridge, and Carvin tuners. I plug into an original Crybaby and a ProCo Turbo Ratt. There's a Yamaha DG Stomp pedal with the preamp turned off in the effects loop of a Carvin Bellaire which also powers a 4-12 Carvin cab. with 75 watt Celestions. Yeah, it's loud, but extremely sweet sounding (in my opinion).


Every Tuesday I jam with some friends on original tunes destined for internet availability. That rig is the Warmoth straight into the Bellaire.


My third gig is a five piece swing band that plays once a month at a senior center in Battle Creek for well attended dances. I play a 1964 Fender Precision with an active pickup through a fairly run-of-the-mill Peavey TNT 130, from the 70's I think.


I feel very fortunate to have found this eclectic mix of fellow guitar devotees. I've learned alot just "listening in", but I hope I can contribute more in the future.


See you around.

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Hi Daniel,


Welcome to the site. I'm Alan, and my connections to your state are:


I teach at a junior college in Paterson, NJ and one of my online composition students lives in your area.


My Heritage HC-150 was lovingly built in the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, and I just received a Reverend Slingshot Custom, also from MI, and it has very quickly won my heart.


Go Michigan, and please hang around and get to know us better.



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