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Line 6 POD live...Stupid bassist in need of help!!!

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Okay, here's the situation. I'm primaraly a bass player, I also play guitar and keys. I play all these various instruments for church. I also am on the church sound team. We are haveing major problems running electric guitars. Our problem occurs when it comes to tone.


Origionally, we just ran guitar/pedal/DI/PA. This worked relatively well, except our old DI's sucked, and some of our guitarists didn't have decent pedals at all, and some of them were running only stompboxes, no digital effects pedals or anything, and this led us to massive impedance problems. So to get a good distortion tone, we have to use amps. The best way to get sound to your PA out of an amp, is to mic your amp. Problem, if the amps are turned up too loud, we have massive problems with stage noise bleeding into the house - mid 70's architectural design flaws. If we don't turn them up enough, your tone still sucks. So primarily what we do is go from the preamp out on the amp itself, into a passive DI, into the PA. This gives us crappy sound, distortions sound weak, fuzzy and have basically no balls.


I have seen people using Line 6 PODs direct into the PA, using a decent distortion pedal infront of that for distortion sound. Has anyone done this, or seen it done, and how did it work. I've heard good stuff about PODs in the studio, but not much about live stuff. Most of my info is from bassist, and we have a tendancy to say something sucks unless we're having our skulls reverberated by our sheer level of power output.


Any feedback would be great.



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Wouldn't that be sort of like putting the distortion pedal AFTER the amp in the chain?


Guitar > POD > Distortion > PA


I don't know... You can get pretty good distortion out of a POD, especially a PODxt. I don't know how heavy your sound needs to be. You do know that you can hold the "Tap(hold)" button down while turning the "Drive" dial from nothing to full, right? That'll give you some extra distortion. Don't know how that works an a PODxt. Works great on a POD 2.0.

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We've made the POD's work live.


Use just the Left output with a TRS cable straight to the PA. This seemed to focus the sound a little more and the POD's always center the original sound in the middle (there is no Pan control).


Once you find good tones you can save them. If you want to make it work, it will.

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