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Variax specific POD patches?


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So the Line 6 Variax - has there been any improvements in POD patches to take advantage of using a standardised guitar?


I mean, the big flaw with the POD is that someone setting up a Vai or Slash patch will tweak it to get the best sound from their Ibanez or Les Paul or whatever... they pass that patch onto someone else who has a different guitar and it's not going to sound right...


But if you go - "here's the POD patch and you choose this guitar setting on your Variax" you know you're getting the same sound they had...


I haven't been reading much to do with my POD in a while so I've no idea if this has started to happen yet or not - Variax specific POD patches...


The new Variax 700 looks good though and I'll have to have a play on it when I see one...

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