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Your First Amp(s)?


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Jim K,

Now I mostly play through modelers, and mostly the vintage Marshall model.
I tried the Line 6 Flextone II while auditioning a Les Paul Standard. I liked the Marshall model the best too.


First amp, 1970?, stereo with piece of crap acoustic guitar and piece of crap sound hole pickup. Two three-way, with 12" woofer, speakers.


Second amp, 1984?, (new) Roland Jazz Chorus 55 Watt with Chorus, 2 x 10. I still have it, and I still like it, but....


Third amp, 2002, 1993 Randall Tube Pro II, 2 x 12. It's 50 watts, tube with 6L6 / EL34 bias switching, 1/3 power switch and channel switching. Channel 'B' with high gain is awesome. I still find out something new each time I play with this. I couldn't live without a tube amp now that I have one.


I haven't bought nearly as many amps as axes. I'm not sure it that's bad or good.



Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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Originally posted by Gabriel E. Vil:

I haven't bought nearly as many amps as axes. I'm not sure it that's bad or good.

That's bad. Need to get more amps.
Jeez, I'm in trouble. I got no working electrics, but, six acoustics, (six & twelve string & resonator) a banjo, a mandolin, a basket case/project (used to be archtop) resonator & a Guyatone basket case electric with one lone guitar amp. I guess I gotta go out & get six or seven more amps. :eek::D:thu:


Our Joint


"When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it." The Duke...

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I remember my first amp well. A Silvertone amp and a Silvertone guitar. I think the guitar was made by Danelectro, but don't know who made the amp. Now that I think back, I don't even remember what happened to either one. Wish I still had them though.

I've gone through a few amps since then. To name a few..Peavey Musician w/410 cabinet, Traynor Mark 5 w/same cabinet, Line 6 AXSYS 212,and I now use a Fender all tube Pro Reverb.

I guess I enjoy the Pro Reverb the most, but I wish I hadn't sold the Traynor. It was a great amp. I had Dan Torres do a Texas Special mod on it.

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I was one of the lucky ones. My first amp was a brand new 1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb.


My Dad bought it for me that year. He liked electric guitar and wanted a good amp. I also got a '64 Telecaster with money from a summer job.

Mac Bowne

G-Clef Acoustics Ltd.

Osaka, Japan

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Mine was an 8watt "Badger" when I was 13 similiar to one of these Gorillas.


It sucked big time !


I still amazed how I used it for most of my school years for performances even in big halls.


I did have a 1969 Telecaster Thou !





If in doubt leave it Out !
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Can't say I've got much of an amp history. I started with a Peavey Blazer 158, which was a great SS beginner amp, but I needed more volume for band practice. Traded that in and paid the difference for a Bandit 112, the amp I still have a year later. Sorry guys, not much history for someone who's only been playing 2 years.

Does it count for anything that I want a Marshall DSL401? Still need a job. :cry:

Shut up and play.
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