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Re-wiring guitar


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I've played for many years but have always passed the buck when it comes to guitar electronics. I've decided it's time to take the plunge and re-wire a couple of guitars that need urgent attention. Ok I confess - they are victims of past experiments...... So - what's the best type of cable for wiring up pots etc? Should it be shielded? Also any tips on using aluminium foil to shield pots? This seems like a good idea in my 335 style Yamaha SA 2000. Pickups are expensive here and I may opt for Australian made Kinmans - at least they're not imported, so I may get better value. :confused::confused:
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Any kind of shielded wire that's small enough will do. My Strat doesn't even have shielded wire in it, and depending on the room, it can be very quiet. I'd suggest that if you're total re-wiring the guitar, you should go with 26 gauge shielded wire. For shielding the control cavity, use copper foil or aluminum foil and connect the foil to the ground wire in the guitar.


I know that Carvin sells the adhesive backed copper foil for shielding guitars, and I seem to remember seeing aluminum tape at Lowe's or Home Depot hardware stores.


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