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Wayne Johnson?


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Anyone know anything about Wayne Johnson? He was a good guitar player out of the Metheny-ish mold. Great writer and had a phenomenal group with Jim Flim Johnson on bass and Bill Berg drums. I know he toured with Manhattan Transfer but I lost track. I have three lps of his, Grasshopper, Arrowhead and Everybody's Painting Pictures.


I played about three songs from Grasshopper with a group I had a long time ago. Deceptively difficult/easy. I never know how that goes. The shit is hard but it doesn't sound that hard whe you listen. A lot of time signiture placed in strange places you would think. Just a trio. Man Flim sounds great on bass.


Waynes not a great pyrotechnical player but an really great all around player. On some of this stuff he sounds too much like early Metheny. Because it's a trio his chord work is put to good use.


Sometimes it sounds too polite. But it reminds me of earlier Wayne Krantz; as if Krantz had heard Johnson influenced stuff.


So I've never heard anyone here mention him, thought I'd ask. Maybe Alchuck knows sumpin'

All the best,


Henry Robinett

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I have a copy of "Spirit of the Dancer"...good stuff. 'Haven't heard anything about him in a good while either.



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I saw him way back when (1981 or so) at McCabe's Guitar Shop in LA, opening for Emily Remler. I assume that the bassist was his brother... he's played off and on with Allan Holdsworth since those days, but after the Manhattan Transfer thing I haven't heard hide nor hair of Wayne.
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Man, "Grasshopper"...that brings back memories, totally forgot about Wayne Johnson...we used to cover some of his tunes in a college fusion band. Reminds me of many other forgotten guitar players.


we used to cover some tunes by Kuzumi Watanabi (sp?)...remember him?..good stuff.

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