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Fridays ,The Blues...redemption?

Pretzel logic

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Getting to see Peter Green talk about the blues was great.I wanted Jeff Beck to do a Pete townsend on tom jones head.Every time he started to cut loose,Mr vegas messed it up.Atleast Beck got his licks in.How about Van the man,he's still a great singer.They left so much out though.So many greats got no recognition.I would have liked to see Mayall and the Clapmiester do a song.A Rod Stewart and beck reunion wuold have been the best.No Page,no Taylor.Oh well! :rolleyes:
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Originally posted by henryrobinett:

Oh my God! Lulu was fantastic. TJ was funny as hell. I loved his stories about Joe Meek. Had Beck cracking up. He looks like a fun guy.

I may have been a little tough on old tom, he has a great voice.It was great to see Beck cracking up like that, you never get to see that side of him. :D
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