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Does anybody remember Jeff Healey?


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Nothing has "happened" to him, unless you count lack of "commercial" opportunity in the current music industry.


He lives and plays up in Toronto... I think he has a club up there?


He's released cd's occasionally, but they haven't had the sales success of his first, and perhaps his best... See the Light. :thu:


I've dug all his stuff though, he's one of the people I "automatically" buy when he releases something.


I've seen him live several times, the most recently about a year ago... and he's still smokin'... one of the hottest young blues players around. His technique (plays with his fretboard hand on "top" of the neck), gives him a unique sound and reach, and yet he playes blistering and soulful stuff as if he played just like everyone else...


He was the "best" thing about the movie "Roadhouse"... which isn't saying too much!


He still tours, and if he comes to YOUR town and you like passionate, heartfelt blues, go see for yourself.


I'd put him in my "top" group of players! :D



I'm still "guitplayer"!

Check out my music if you like...



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Musically, he's doing two things - the Blues gig and a 30s/40s Hot Jazz band called the "Jazz Wizards", in which he plays both archtop guitar and trumpet.


Caught a free show of the Jazz Wizards in August, and really enjoyed it. Interesting to hear his technique with clean tones and jazz runs.


He has a club in Toronto called "Healey's", which gets a wide variety of blues/alt/jazz/soul/R&B acts.



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I remember him from being in the house band for the movie Roadhouse, and as a previous respondent indicated, he plays the guitar dobro style.


As I recall, he portrayed a blind musician in Roadhouse so I assume he is blind. Can someone clarify? Whatever, his physical condition, he plays very well. I like his version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

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A long while ago, I was driving at night, and the local radio station said that they were looking for audience members at The Palace in Hollywood, where he was filming a video (no, I don't remember for which song). I turned the car around and went down there, and just barely got in. He did whatever song it was several times, but during the down time, he did a whole bunch of other songs with his band. Near the beginning, someone yelled out "HENDRIX!!!!". He replied curtly, "I am NOT Hendrix." However, during his set, he played two Hendrix songs. The whole band sounded great, and his guitar playing was phenomenal.
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