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Did anyone notice the scary amount of tallent on this record label.I think it stands with CHESS,BLUE NOTE or any other label.you've got;keith jarrett,pat metheny,abercrombie,terje rypdal,ralph towner and i'm sure i forgot a bunch.I have been trying to collect original records from ecm for a long time but they keep getting more exspensive.Just thought i would bring it up. :)
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Yeah I'm just listening to one now. I'm researching the next concert for my band. We do special one time only jazz concerts featuring a theme. This time it's non-american music. So I have about a thousand LPs most I haven't listen to in 15-20 years. I have this OK Eberhard Weber record I'm checking out right now. I don't know whether I ever heard this one. I'm not overly excited.


ECM had a certain sound. Manfred Eicher was a little too hands on and controlling regarding the VIBE he wanted for his label. It was successful. Probably more than anything spurred on the new age thing. Perhaps it's unfair because most new age had little to no substance, IMO. Not so ECM.


Manfred liked free, unstructured music that didn't swing or otherwise have any kind of groove. But also very well recorded and mixed. Unfortunately it helped define what a lot of us thought of as european jazz.

All the best,


Henry Robinett

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