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Got a LP Studio?

Panzer Faust

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Ah, you've come to the right place.


You should do a search on this forum, there's been a lot of discussion here on these.


I own a '97 Les Paul Studio "Gem" that is basically a Studio model with P-90 "soapbar" pickups and a specific finish and gold hardware package. It's a cool little Les Paul, and I keep it strung and set-up specifically for open-D tuning (D-A-D-F#-A-D, low to high). It's got a somewhat fat , sorta '58-ish neck. If you like P-90s, they're great!


The Studio line is generally well recieved, and the '90s models with ebony fretboards seem to be especially nice.


They're very similar, if not identical, to the Standards made during the same years, minus the binding and inlays. (Different pickups?) There have been a number of versions over the years, some with different inlays, some with ebony or rosewood fretboards, some with chrome or gold HW, maybe a few different humbucking pickups, etc.


If it doesn't have to be a Les Paul, but just that sort of guitar and well made, you might also want to check out some Hamers, and some Heritage guitars. All good!

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you may want to check out the Godin LG signature, it has a carved figured maple top on a mahogany body with seymour duncan pickups, the godin workmanship is awesome. the main differences between this and a les paul is godin bolts thier necks on, use a 25.5 inch scale and a 5 way switch to get more tone variations. don't sweat the bolt on neck, it has tone up the ying yang. the deal is i would have to pay 3000(canadian) for a les paul standard but only 1250(canadian) for the LG signature. if you are set on a les paul did you consider the japanese epiphone elites? they are excellent guitars and cheaper than the studio gibsons. another option is the faded les paul specials. there are so may options available check them all out. i am a little biased i have a godin lgsp90. it is amazing :D
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