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Our band is playing several tunes that require me to switch from electric to acoustic guitar. I've seen a few guitarists that have a stand for their acoustic guitar that allows them to play it while it is on the stand. this would allow one to have the electric on and walk up and play the acoustic without having pause to remove one and don another. I have no idea what these stands are called, and who makes them. Can anyone help me find where I could learn more?
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you might also consider having a Fishman, LR Baggs or similar piezo bridge put on your electric. This gives a pretty convincing acoustic sound from your electric. It puts piezo pickups under each string saddle to pick up the acoustic vibrations of the guitar (basically the same as an under saddle acoustic pickup on a traditional acoustic guitar).


Might be easier than playing an acoustic on the stand (which I've never done, but it looks awkward).


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