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ZEP chords please!!!


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If you have not already, try www.chordie.com and search songs under "T". Its not great, but the site will sometimes have decent starting points for songs that you can flesh out yourself. Sometimes the tabs are absolutely awful (just like anywhere). The other is tabrobot (I think), but watch out, some of the sites will load spyware on your machine.

"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand"

- Homer Simpson

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So its not taboo to discuss chords/tabs here?


Phew. I would like to request chords or how to play Guitar Boogie/Jeff's Boogie then. Please? :wave:


Anyways, it always puzzles me how incorrect tabs get posted. By that I mean wrong progression and wrong key. Wrong key gets my especially. I mean how could a mistake be made by someone who thinks they know the songs well enough to create chords/tab online? :confused::freak:

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I don't trust too many of the tab boards. Unless a band actually links to fanmade tabs of their songs, or makes their own, perhaps. I'd rather spend a little money every once in a while and buy the song books. It's also a nice way to spend time away from the comp. :)


On the other hand, the tabs aren't a bad starting point, but buyer beware.

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