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Frank Zappa & Oberheim

Pretzel logic

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Zappa did use this unit on many tracks. The first one that leaps to mind is the solo om 'Stinkfoot' from the Apostrophe album.

I used to think I was Libertarian. Until I saw their platform; now I know I'm no more Libertarian than I am RepubliCrat or neoCON or Liberal or Socialist.


This ain't no track meet; this is football.

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Is this what you have? http://www.tonefrenzy.com/oberheim_v_c_filter.htm


If you're unfamiliar with Oberheim, they were a major, very innovative synth company in the late '70s and '80s. Many of their synths are highly sought after today. I would LOVE to have a Oberheim 4 Voice! The Oberheim OB-8/OBx is what you hear all over Van Halen's "1984" (ex. "Jump" and "I'll Wait") and many Rush albums (ex. "Subdivisions").


Basically, the box you have seems like a stripped down filter section from an Oberheim SEM synth. It's value could be all over the place. Someone, somewhere, could see this thing on eBay and overpay for it.

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