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Hello everyone


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Originally posted by skipclone 1:

Don`t worry about scary people here-it`s always the ones you don`t suspect anyway...

So true..... How many times have we turned on the evening news and heard: "He was always such a quiet, well mannered boy...".

We "scary" folks are really the good ones. :P


BTW, Richard Couch welcome aboard! :wave:

May all your thoughts be random!

- Neil






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Originally posted by Dawill:

I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks and have decided that there are no really scary people here. So I decided to register.


A little background. I am 47 and have been playing guitar since I was 13. That's 34 years... Yikes! My main guitar is an early 70's strat but I have about a dozen others. My main amp is a 1969 50w Marshall head run through a 2X12 open backed Silvertone cab loaded with JBL E-120's. I know it's unusual but it works for me.


Just wanted to introduce myself

Dawill .............


Welcome to the forum.


Just so you do not think you are the "old man" in here .... I am 54 :)

Myles S. Rose






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