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Line 6 Guitar Port


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Looks very cool and useful--anybody ever use it? You get to play through your computer with different amp models, 1/2 speed playback options, bunches of online stuff, etc. I'm guessing you can record with it, too. They also have a package that includes a guitar for $30.00 more (how good can the guitar be for 30 bucks?).


I'm considering picking one up, but I'd like some opinions first. Thanks!

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I've got the PodXT which uses Guitar Port software and patches. (Guitar port uses PodXT's 15 amp and cab models- according to their website) I don't know how much the Guitar Port costs, but maybe take a look at a PodXT if it's not that much more.


I like the online part ($8/mo I think). It's a web based front-end software that is really easy to use. I've found some really good patches from GuitarPort online. They have lessons you can download where they usually have the rhythm and lead patches to replicate the sound. The song is then usually broken down and tabbed by section (intro, verse, bridge, etc). It's pretty cool and if you are used to playing next to a PC- really easy to use.

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reading an interview with ty tabor in Guitarist magazine, he was saying he has recorded his new album basically using guitar port. sounds like a good endorsement to me, but like taskbuffer (!?) I ve never used it & would like to hear others' experiences with it.
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It doesn't work without your computer. That was what kept me from buying one. I've seen the package with guitar at Guitar Center. Never tried it though, because I haven't seen one hooked up to a computer there, but you might want to try the guitar there. I figure that for the extra $30, if the guitar is not that bad, you can always use as a back up to noodle around on (maybe at work) or give it a friend or kid to start on.
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I had bought one - Line6 had a promotion that gave you 6 months free access of their on line lesson site. I was looking to break out of a playing rut, and it seemed like a good excuse.


Sound is better than the POD. There's a funny grungy artifact that I hear with the POD that's not there with the Guitar Port. The effects are pretty good, and add significantly to the tone options.


You can either record directly through the USB (there's an ASIO driver) or via the RCA outputs.


It has a noise reduction function which works really well at cleaning up the worst of the buzzes and hums that you get while playing in front of the computer.


Is it the holy grail? Umm, no. When you hear the sound of the Guitar Port mixed in with the guitar backing tracks from their web site, the Guitar Port tone clearly pales by the comparison. But at the low price, it is excellent value, and I would use it on a track, particularly for the more modern rock sounds.


Can't compare it against the PodXT, though I expect that the latter has better converters.


In the end, it went back to the store. Turns out that the promotion was valid only in the US (even though they sent me an email about it). Kinda pissed me off. Besides, I prefer the Nigel amp emulator on the UAD-1 card, even though most people find it obtuse to use.


Took the proceeds and applied it towards a Great River MP-1NV. Now, THAT's a great piece of kit.



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