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This may sound like basic stuff-it is, actually, but I need some advice on the best acton...

I have an amp with two speakers (65w per side), and each has a separate input-great sound when in stereo mode. A friend of mine made a cable to take advantage of that, but it`s a pencil neck geek of a cable, I know I`m losing a lot of signal definition. So one, doesn`t someone make a stereo cable of good quality and two, if not, isn`t there a box I can use to run A/B from a single cable-I think it`s called an active box?

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Skip, sometimes the best birthdays are the most boring.

Check that link above to Planet Waves site. The do make a stereo guitar cable. I couldn't find a listing for a stereo guitar cable on the other mfg's sites.


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You could always build your own, Skip. Switchcraft or Neutrik TRS connectors and a length of Mogami, Canare, or other high grade cable will do fine. You need skill to solder it together, but that's a skill you should learn now if you haven't already. ;)


Planet Waves seems to be building nice cables though, so for convenience...


Planet Waves - TRS instrument cables

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