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Looking for good direct box . . .


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Hi everyone.


I'm looking for a good direct box that I can front end my mixer for my guitarist buddies when they come over. Any suggestions.


I'm rather new to the concept. Is there such thing as a direct box with effects? That would be groooooooovy.


Thanks for your help.

Amateur Hack
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Most multi-effects from Zoom, Roland, Korg, Digitech have a line out output that's all you need to plug into a mixer (the POD is not a bad choice, but if just want effects and don't care about amp simulations a multi-effect can be cheaper).





Love + Learning + Music = LIFE !!! (some money welcomed as well ...)
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Stan makes a a good point here. However, some of those multi effect units don't deliver enough output signal to send to a mixer. You'll need some sort of line output driver if you go this route. Doing this might boost the background noise, which could be a concern if you choose to record sessions. It's up to you.
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