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OLD/DEAD Stompboxes

Timothy Lyons

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If you are interested in obtaining working versions of some good classic pedals at a fraction of their market value, I suggest building your own clones.


I recently built an exact clone of the original TS808 Tubescreamer and the Octavia for about $50 each. They both work great.


Attached is the General Guitar Gadgets website in which I got the plans and from which I purchased the printed circuit boards. They also have a connection to another website (Small Bear Electronics) in which you can purchase the other parts needed reasonably. Both websites give great customer service to your inquiries, questions, etc. which made builing these boxes pretty easy.



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I'm into building my own pedals too, but I can't seem to get the noise level down to what a factory pedal has. I keep picking up radio on my distortions. :mad:Lancer, how did you get around that problem?


I've used Small Bear and I can confirm that Steve's customer service is top-notch. :) I'm working on my first design, an over-drive that uses a UA741 opamp - adjustable from a clean boost on up to a crunchy distortion tone. :cool: It sounds pretty good so far, but I'm still working on it; got a few wrinkles yet to iron out.


And I've still got another enclosure to use after this one. :) I'm working on a design for that one too, a distortion with an added lower harmonic, accomplished by the use of a 2:1 frequency divider. :thu:


a.k.a. "El Guapo" ;)


...Better fuzz through science...



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I've just followed the plans provided by General Guitar Gadgets and the pedals came out fine with no excess noise. For your info, the pedals I built were a TS808 Tubescreamer clone, an Octavia clone, and a Stratoblaster booster. I purchased the circuit boards from JD Sleep of General Guitar Gadgets and all of the other parts from Small Bear.


I have been very meticulous when sodering components to the board. I did have to buy a very fine sodering pencil (cost about $8 from Radio Shack) for small circuit board work as it would be easy to have inadvertent soder flowing to unwanted connection spots on the board. I also bought a bag of minature alligator clips which I clip to the back side wire connections of each component before sodering, to act as a heat sink to prevent component damage via over heating. So far, no problems.

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