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Dr. Z amp problem


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I am asking some of the folks in here for a bit of help.


This is not so much an amp problem in regard to Dr. Z amps, but something of a website issue on my website in regard to Dr. Z amps.


I have various amps which I feel are some of the best around on my website. One of the areas is on Dr. Z amps. Some of you have sent me photos from time to time that are on that area of my website.


Many of the photos came from the actual Dr. Z website, off ebay, or wherever I could find them. Many of the ebay or general ones I'd like to replace.


I currently support 41 Dr. Z amps for clients. I love these, as my "profit margin" is high on them. What I mean here (as I do not sell amps), is that when I have a Blueprinting client, whose amps I support, they are given free on location support. With Dr. Z amps, there is never a problem, so they do not cause me a lot of work By the way, for channel switching amps, my other "no downtime amp" is Rivera stuff.


In any case, in my own Tube Primer, back around version 3.08, I added a section on what I feel are my personal top ten or so favorite amps. My boss at my "other job", Aspen Pittman, in his Tube Amp Book, has always had his list of his top ten amps of all time. His tastes and mine differ, and my top amps include amps built at any time, today included, as what I feel are some of the best.


Producing that area of my Tube Primer, I noticed when I was done, that there were more Z amps than any other amp. This got the wheels turning to update the first page of my Z area on my website, which brings me here.


What I am asking of you folks, is if you have any pictures of your Z amps (and it can have other stuff in there .... be on a stage, with guitars, with people), I'd love to be able to use some of them on my website. Currently on my GAB website, there are over 150,000 individual folks (not hits ... unique individuals), that have come to the site since 2/02 or so, I am not sure when I launched it. This is not all that bad for a site that is only informational and sells nothing I guess.


So.... if some of you can post photos or links in this post, I'd love to grab some of the pictures. Feel free to add any sort of text you'd like copied and duplicated on the website with the photo also. I can crop and resize, so any size is fine.

Myles S. Rose






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