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Fender solid state heads

doc taz

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Anyone around here play one? I'm talking late 80's/early 90's, when they had cool features like headphone jacks, and parallel switching. Great drive channels (no wonder I wanna steal my dad's Deluxe 85 combo...j/k :D ), too. I remember something about an Old London model with 160 watts...


Yeah, I know, I'll check out eBay...


but in the meantime, post away!

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I use old Fender M-80's. I have both a combo and a head version of the amp. I like them because i CAN'T KILL THEM. I have been trying for years and neither one has ever been in the shop. The combo has been around for 14 years. I get a pretty good metal tone and a real nice clean sound but I wonder if it is more the way i play as opposed to the amp. i have been using the same rig for so long that i may just be able to get some tones that others can't without toobs.

Reach out and grab a clue.


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Interesting note there on the M-80. I just got my October issue for GP in the mail, and Rusty Cooley has a column there. He also likes the M-80 preamp. That runs into a small rack, and is powered by a VHT ninety/two/ninety tube power amp.


Amazing stuff. Now I gotta go do some shreddin' or other...


Another one to put on my GAS list too. :P

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