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what is the most extream guitar solo ever??


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Maybe not the most extreme, but one of the most musical is definately "Cliffs of Dover". ERic Johnson makes that strat absolutely sing, and anyone who doesn't see his true musical genius, especially for his relatively young age, knows nothing about the guitar. AHHHH........someday.........hopefully.......but probably not!
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Originally posted by flagshipmile354:

I love Eric Johnson too, but he isn't very young!! He only looks young. My buddy at Line 6 spent some time with him a few months back and said he was a totally cool dude. He owns on those 3 note per string pentatonics.



I totally agree, I didn't know he wasn't young. Yo8ur right, ivf he is older, he definately doesn't look it by any means. Those Pentatonics drive me insane, it took me forever to learn the the double-back section where he descends and then jumps back up and continues on, that is absolutely amazing!
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