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Teisco Del Rey vs. PRS McCarty Custom


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You caught my eye on that one. I remember playing a Teisco Del Ray at a Woolworths Five & Ten in about 1967. I saw one that had six pickups. Really. One of my bandmates had one and then got a Vox Super Lynx Deluxe. I would like to see both of those again for old time sake.


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Something seems wrong, picturing David Lindly with a PRS McCarty Custom...


I don't doubt that a "good" Teisco could be found, though I also don't doubt that it would be trumped by the McCarty on most fronts...


'Course, to make that PRS really sing, you've gotta replace all the hardware and the nut with some big brass parts, scallop the body, ditch those pickups and route for four Fender-Lace Duallys, stuff a phaser and a compressor in there, and put some cool graphics on there!


A good Teisco Del Rey doesn't need any of that now, does it?

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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