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Tedster! Welcome Back, Blue Strat-Cat!

Caevan O’Shite

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I guess I'll never live that down, huh? Ah well...it's better than being called "Flatulent Man" or something.


Great time in D.C. and Eastern VA...I've summed it up elsewhere...but I was really honored to have met a few of the forumites!!!

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Hey, Tedster! Welcome back. You were missed!


I didn't mean that as any kind of diss or rib or tease, it just reads a bit more gracefully- and takes up less room- than a subject line of "Tedster! Welcome Back, The Cat With The Strat!" I thought of it as a badge, of endearment.


The operative part being, "Welcome Back!"


I think that mere hours had passed, when you usually would have been seen around here, when folks began noticing your absence and wondering where you were.


Glad to have you back, glad to have you around in the first place, and you've got nothing to live down! 'Cept maybe having an "E" or two in your name... or was it Dr. Seusse that Carly was singin' at?!? Hmmmnn...

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

_ ___ _ Leprechaun, Esquire _ ___ _

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