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Low-watt rack-mount tube amps


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Does anyone know of a low-watt rack mount tube amp. I'm using a rack-mount preamp and would like a rack-mount amp, too.


Why? Less pieces of equipment to carry around.


Low watts, because I don't need to blow down any walls. 15-25 would be plenty.


Any ideas?



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Racks are, by nature, heavy. low wattage amp is going to weigh less if it is not racked.


There are a boatload of project amp pages on the web, and all of these can be built into a rack-mount chassis if you need it done. Try the AX-84 pages.


It is also possible to get the schematics from an old tube amp and build it... I'm looking at a Vox tube amp, with some simple circuit mods, in the 18 watt range. But I'm going to build mine into a small, light case with an internal speaker. I want to be able to take the bus to a gig! (g)


There is a company that builds all sorts of cool guitarist's things, including custom amps. If you go to their factory, they put you through a bunch of gear, and when you find "your" sound, they build an amp for you that has that sound as it's zero point... turn the amp on, and put all the controls at flat, and that is "your" sound. One of the guys with Marty Stuart turned me on to them, then I met one of the company guys at NAMM last month. ESP is the company, and have 1-615-847-0411 as their phone number.



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try this




These had great reputation when they were made, but at $1000 were overpriced. Getting one used for $400 might be worth it.


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I was thinking about this thread and knew I had come across something... check out http://www.twisteramps.com

They build single-ended power amps to use with whatever pre-amp set-up you have. Their stock design isn't rackmountable but they may be willing to work with you on that...



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