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Heritage Guitars


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Recently, my wife and I were on vacation and I stopped in a music store of the town we were visiting to look around. (Only you folks in this forum can appreciate that, she doesn't understand. Thanks friends.) Anyway, I played a guitar made by Heritage which is supposedly started by some former Gibson guys. The guitar, a Les Paul look-a-like, sounded great and the appearance and quality was unbelievable. The price was very reasonable also. Have any of you played a Heritage and what was your impressions? Thanks.
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I've liked the few Heritage guitars I've been able to play.

Heritage was indeed started by ex Gibson employees and actually in one of the buildings that Gibson used before moving their operation to Tennessee.

Their website is pretty good in telling their history.


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I read about this in a book. A bunch of ex-Gibson employees refused to move with the company and as a result started Heritage in Kalamazoo, MI, at the old Gibson plant. Like you stated, the guitars are supposed to be basically Gibson or better quality and be an alternative to the expensive former mother-company. The similarties are obvious, a result of the same machinery, etc.
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That is true. Gibson craftsman who refused to move down to the Nashville plant bought the Kalamazoo plant and it's machinery from Gibson, to build Heritage guitars. Long before I was aware of that fact (around 1992), I had the chance to play a drop dead gorgeous Heritage large body, jazz box at Andy's Music in Chicago. Translucent Pink, with a matching flamed maple pickguard. Absolutely Stunning. It was also around $4000. :eek: Not sure how that compared to Gibson's jazz box's of similar style, at that time. But everything I've heard about their Les Paul "copies" is that they're every bit as good (very possibly better) than the "real" thing, for considerably less money.


Hope you enjoyed them. :thu:

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I live just outside of Kalamazoo, where Heritage guitars are made, and have played several of their models over the years. They were all exceptionally nice playing guitars with great tones. They aren't exactly inexpensive brand new, but their resale is not as high because, and I believe only because, they don't say Gibson on the headstock.
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As much as the Heritages are GREAT guitars... and they are... I don't find them to be exact "replica's" of Gibson guitars... say like a LoveRock or the pre-lawsuit Ibanez's, or even the new "Elitist Epi LP's".


There are subtle differences in shape and weight, that don't give me that exact "feel"... and it's NOT just the headstock.


Don't get me wrong, I really like Heritage guitars... and it's true about the ex-Gibson employees. In fact, they also bought a lot of the tooling, machines, jigs, and so on... They've got lots of great guitar models, are VERY fairly priced, and have tons of stain and color options...


But their "LP" type guitar isn't, (and probably can't be for legal reasons), a true LP "clone"...





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